Project Run & Play – Week 2 (Textures from Nature) – English

I’m so happy I passed to Week 2! This week my proposal is inspired in natures textures. Nature is full of different textures, which resemble many fabrics. Pleats from the ruffle fan palm trees and pleated inkcap mushrooms, the waffle texture of the sea sponges, the green range of colours… All this have been my main inspiration.

I really love pleats, and if you really give it a thought you can get a different look with them. I wanted something a bit more dressy, but comfortable, a look that my daughter can wear a day out for lunch with the family, or even for a small event.

First of all I designed the shorts. The shorts had to have all the attention. I chose the waffle pique, inspired in the sea sponges, for which I chose black to give it an elegant touch. For the front pleats I used yellow tulle, to brighten up the shorts. They’re wide legged to be more comfortable, and to have a more girly look. Side zipper for closure.

The top had to be simple, with a bit of color, to contrast the shorts. I designed a wide neck top, made of elastic green crepe. The surprise comes a the back, which has a pleated bow made of the same yellow tulle of the short pleats. No closure, easy to wear.

The two pieces can again be worn with other garments, and make different looks. The top with jeans, and the shorts with a white blouse would look really cool.


I self drafted all the patterns again. The fabrics are from Ratucos.

For more info, you can visit my blog or my instagram account!

Hope you like my proposal and help me pass to the following week!