Project Run & Play – Week 3 – Paint Party

Project Run & Play – Week 3 – Paint Party

Well well, we’re on to week 3. This week has been a great struggle for me. I really did not know what to design for this week, so I decided to make it a family project. 

At first, I asked my daughters to die the fabric for me, totally random, their choice. They had a few fun evenings doing this, and the result of the fabric was, “made by them”. I was a perfect Paint Party. 

My older daughter wanted a set for herself, so this has been a big achievement for me, because for once I made something for her that she really liked. Her style is very sporty, loves to dress in sweatpants and nothing else!

My younger daughter loves everything I sew, loves to dress, loves makeup. She likes wearing skirts, dress, styles her own outfits, she even overdresses for many ocassions. The best thing is that she does not feel shy about anything!

So the great challenge for this weeks them was to design something that would blend my daughters style together. I had to upgrade and outfit for my older daughter and downgrade my younger daughter’s design. The common thing has been Tie Dye, which they both love. 

The first thing I chose was the fabric. Knit fabric is perfect for both of them. Comfortable, sporty, casual.

They both helped me design their outfits. Noor (my older daughter), wanted shorts and a Tshirt. I gave her the privilage to design the shorts, I designed the top. I self drafted the shorts, taking as a base one of her favorite shorts. 

The top was a hack of a fibre mood sweatshirt I made for myself. I shortened it, and tightened it. 

Queralt (my younger daughter) and myself designed the dress together. She wanted a dressy but casual outfit. The ruffle of the dress gives it a dressy mood, and the knit fabric the casual mood. 

I decided the ruffle would have all the tie dye, and the rest of the dress is black to sober down the color!

Self drafted pattern. I also made a headband and a scrunchie for them to accessorize. 

You have more info in my blog, and my Instagram account. 

Hope you like my designs, and hope to see you next week!